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Preparing students for Medical studies
since 1990



We are a Private Preparatory School offering foundation courses for prospective students in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.  


For the past 30 years, TOMI SCHOOL has applied its educational expertise in tutoring and preparing students for studies in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Science at Universities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland and Bulgaria as an official representative and partner.

Today, Tomi School has premises equipped with high-tech educational resources in Athens and Thessaloniki.



Tomi -was founded under the name 'ΤΟΜΗ' the Greek word for mathematical intersection- initially it was a tutorial school preparing students for the Panhellenic exams (Exams to get into the Greek Universities).A plethora of renowned politicians and scientists have been our students.



Expanded its educational services and established ‘TOMI INTERANGLIAN’ a U.C.A.S Foundation Centre certified by the British Education Department. As a recognised preparatory school has been preparing prospective students to study at the U.K universities.


As a result of its reputation, ΤΟΜI signed an exclusive associate contract with the Medical Faculties of Comenius University in Bratislava and Charles University in Prague and became an official representative of Universities throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.For the first time foreign students from Greece were enrolled in the first year of Study in the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava , Slovakia and TOMI



Started to enrol students from Northern Europe, the United States and the Middle East



Opened facilities in Bratislava and branches in Hradec Kralove and Kosice.


Opened a second school in  Athens



New agreements with Bulgarian Medical Universities and the European University in Cyprus.

Until today, more than 5,000 students, upon completing their foundation year at ΤΟΜI, have been successfully accepted and have graduated from prestigious European Universities.


In a special ceremony in 2009, celebrating 90 years since the founding of Comenius University, Tomi School was awarded from the President of the Slovak Republic for its excellence collaboration and was recognized as the first associate/partner to register foreign students in the Medical Faculty.

Tomi School until today continues to maintain an impeccable professional relationship.

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